Black Angus Cattle
Coastal Hay
We have over 60 acres of lush green coastal hay fields.   We sell both square and round hay bales of high quality, heavily fertilized horse hay.  
  In 2003 we built a large barn for hay storage so we can store square bales for our customers who do not have a place to store their own hay.

At the beginning of the hay season, our customers tell us how many square bales they will need to get them through the year.  We then bale enough square bales to fill our orders and put them up in our barn to store them.  Our customers can then come and get their hay as they need it throughout the year.  The remaining hay is put into round bales.   We now have enough storage space for over 10,000 bales.  I am not sure if we will ever fill that up - that is a lot of hay!


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